9391 - Economic, Political and Social Dynamics of the Amazon from 21st Century

In this article, we attempt to show the complexity of the new social domination processes represented by national and international enterprises, or by institutions which strive to conceal the historical facts and deregulate local structures. The central issue is that the dispute for the land appropriation still remains, however, processes leading to the brekage of ownership legitimacy and property of traditional groups are currently taking place. On the other hand, we salient the social and political contradictions which springle from the relationship established between state and society due to the imposition of huge investment projects in the Amazon (mining, hydroelectric, roads and agrobusiness), in the context of a globalized and more competitive economy.  

The model of goods production for the market of commodities is then reactivated , though in opposition to the new perspectives of market which arise from the goods and environment services possibly gnerated by the forest. The Brazilian nation has demonstrated, towards the Amazon, a technocratic , authoritarian and extremely ambiguous attitude that embraces serious problems in the federal sphere.      

Palabras claves: Amazonia, Deforestation, Capital Accumulation, Small Scale Agriculture, Deforestation

Autores: Castro, Edna (Nucleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos - UFPA, Brazil / Brasilien)


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