6389 - Self-built hydraulic infrastructure in slums of La Paz, Bolivia

Provision of drinking water, management of watersheds on the slopes of La Paz city and the ways to solve sanitation management in these urban areas, are primarily a real, practical and extra-academic problem. La Paz city, although it is not a macro-cephalic city (with El Alto city are over one million and half people) has also experienced proliferation of "slums" or "villas" generally inhabited by workers, under-employed and unemployed population. Many people installed in sinuous steep or rocky areas, because of those zones were unattractive for investment of private urban planners, an obviously they were not attractive neither by enterprises of water utilities and formal sanitation nor by urban planners, neither by water policies water nor private investors in water infrastructure. In a large part of these 'villas', population is required to solve independently provision of drinking water in their homes and disposing of liquid effluents by drinking water. This problem is solved daily by a great number of people from the slopes La Paz, in some cases through the collective actions of small self-management organizations, even without participation of public institutions, however, also presents itself as a knowledge gap, here is assumed to be targeted as an scholar interest, it deserves a job detailing and reflect the performance of these neighborhoods for provision of water and liquid effluent treatment, one of the most degraded and fragile areas of this city. For that purpose, our main question is ¿What are the dynamics of social organization of drinking water and basic sanitation in slums with water self built infrastructure in La Paz City? In order to analyze social intervention of multiple actors on this unplanned urban space, through etnographical methodology.    

Palabras claves: Ecology of slums, self built hydraulic infrastructure, socio-enviromental vulnerability, drinking water, basic sanitation

Autores: Perales Miranda, Víctor Hugo (Universitat de Barcelona, Bolivia / Bolivien)


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