9569 - Geographic Assessment of Climate Change-induced Adaptation and Mitigation Programs in the Americas

This paper reports a study of the commitments to either adaptation to climate change forecasts or mitigation of warming-inducing behaviors over the last two decades in the Americas. Compilation of news reports, planning documents or other evidence that local, state, regional or national governments, or other public or private organizations have either pledged or enacted behavioral changes. A catalog of these reports is spatially assessed for patterns related to regionality, political orientation, social perspectives, wealth or other social factors that might explain the propensity of organizations to make such commitments. The goal of these analyses is to determine whether there is evidence for the motivations behind such expressions of concern and action. Are responses motivated to avoid impacts, to avoid financial losses, to profit from innovation, to gain politically or just to do what is right?

Palavras-chaves: climate change, adaptation, mitigation, public policy

Autores: Tiefenbacher, John (Texas State University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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