10545 - Who pays for climate change? Costs of climate change impacts and means of financing mitigation and adaptation on climate change in Latin America

Impacts of climate change challenge the livelihood of many people already today. Other actors and regions profit from activities causing climate change. In the future more and also new actors will be affected. Mitigation climate change, adaptation to it, and compensation for damages caused by climate change impacts have to be payed for. What could and should be adequate financing instruments? This paper presents and analyses existing or proposed financing instruments referring to climate change (p.ex. payments for environmental services) in their effect on environmental justice in Latin America. May those instruments reduce social inequalities or will they even widen the gap? And will they be able to have a positive environmental impact? On which institutional setting are they based and/or depending on? May a positive institutional embedment be created in order to promote and foster environmental justice through those instruments? Which elements of power do prevail in the creation and implementation of those instruments and how to overcome them?

Keywords: climate change, financing instruments, payments for environmental services, environmental justice, power relations

Author: Segebart, Doerte (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)


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