9830 - Responses to environmental problems by indigenous people in Mexico

Social groups perceive the effects of environmental change in different ways and their actions to respond to them are very different too. For indigenous people, living in some of the more isolated and fragile ecological areas in Mexico, these effects mean critical problems and their capacity to react to them is limited as they have access or receive very little resources to develop their actions or strategies. During the last years a social organization working with different indigenous people around Mexico, has been looking how to develop social strategies to influence the public policies and to develop alternative in different regions on different matters, including how to reduce the social effects of environmental change. This paper presents some results of an action oriented research that we have been developing with these indigenous organisation around the country, to get a better knowledge of the social situation, on their perception about the environmental change effects and to the analysis of their experiences and alternatives to act on environmental issues.          

Keywords: indigenous, responses, environmental, action research

Author: Cortez, Carlos (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico / Mexiko)


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