6916 - Environment and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Latin America: Evidence from 1995-2005 and Suggestions for a Research Agenda

One of the most important objectives of the DesiguAldades Network is trying to overcome the excessive focus on state issues to address interdependent inequalities and, instead , focus on the transregional relationships of interdependence that are manifested in the various dimensions of inequality. That is why an analysis of the linkages between environmental challenges and the deepening of inequality in Latin America proposes to highlight various aspects. Firstly, to review the existing evidence between 1995 and 2005, unveiling the reality in which the phenomena associated with the inequalities are more relevant than those linked to poverty , which, besides its intrinsic importance to the social sciences, has immediate implications for the formulation of appropriate public policies. Secondly, to overcome the emphasis on economic inequality, and explore non-economic aspects of it , which are much more closely related to the complexity of social relations in the region. Finally, the research agenda proposed places a special attention to the study of consumption patterns and their growing interregional homogenization . In fact, making use of consumption patterns allows for analysis of key processes today , particularly their relationships with other phenomena and processes such as globalization , the differences between the conformations of inequality on national and local levels , the predominance of increasingly speculative financial capital not linked to the real economy, as well as the actors that intervene in these processes and make their consequences assume a structural nature in the generation and deepening of existing current inequalities in Latin America.    

Keywords: Inequalities, Globalization, Reserch Agenda

Author: Guimaraes, Roberto (Getulio Vargas Foundation and University of Campinas, Brazil / Brasilien)


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