1688 - Partir do Sul / Depart from the South

cancelled / cancelado

Coordinator 1: Caixeta, Luzenir (, Other / Andere)
Coordinator 2: Seefranz, Catrin (-, Vienna, Austria / Österreich); Grzinic, Marina (-, -, Other / Andere)

The “epistemology of the south” has three objectives: to learn that the South exists; to learn to go to the South; to learn to depart from the South and with the South

[Boaventura de Sousa Santos (1995), Toward a New Common Sense: Law, Science and Politics in the Paradigmatic Transition. New York: Routledge].

Partir do Sul / Depart from the South is a symposium that combines scientific, academic and artistic practices that deal with the concept of “epistemology of the South” (Boaventura Sousa Santos) and its multifaceted actualizations in de-colonial thinking. The “epistemology of the South” or positions, theories and narrations from “below” (in a geo-political sense), situated critically to the hegemonic knowledge produced by the “West” tend to be marginalized – even in research on the Americas.

The conceptual symposium Partir do Sul / Depart from the South, specifically created for the 54 International Congress of Americanists tries to create a space for a theoretical discussion about concepts of de-colonization of knowledge from the perspective of the subaltern Americas.

The intention is to work not only on the canon of knowledge but also on the form – on the ways knowledge is produced and distributed. Hence a rather unusual format has been chosen: An intervention joining theoretical, discursive and artistic practices, involving US-, Latino- and Latinamerican migrants as researchers and artists.

The symposium takes the purpose of de-colonial critique: “Shifting the geo-graphy of knowledge” literally. By intervening in two concrete spaces: the congress and the library – spaces where the symbolic order of knowledge is institutionalized.

The plan is to realize an intervention in the very popular Hauptbücherei (Public Library of Vienna), one of the most global places in town – where the epistemic, scientific and even literary “South” of the Americas is nevertheless rather hard to find. Invited artists will join to find an adequate formal solution.

The intervention will modify and amplify the library with a “Library of the South / Biblioteca do sul” – also in a very concrete sense (books from the “South” will be added).

Furthermore, a series of lectures and workshops previous to the congress will make the “Library of the South” accessible to the visitors of the Hauptbücherei .

At the ICA participating and additionally invited researchers will present their perspectives on the “Biblioteca do sul” and the relevance of epistemological critique that departs from the South.

The symposium, conceptualized by Catrin Seefranz, will be realized in co-operation with the research department of maiz, a self-organized association of migrants (Dr. Luzenir Caixeta) and the class of post-conceptual art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Prof. Dr. Marina Grizinic).

Palabras claves: Art, Conceptual Art, Epistemology, De-colonial critique, Post-colonial critique

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