9602 - Activist Media in Indigenous AIDS Organizing: Theorizing the Colonial Conditions of AIDS

Indigenous AIDS organizers challenge the colonial conditions of health through media activism, which presents a historical record of critical theory emerging within Indigenous social movement. Notably, Indigenous AIDS activist media have called Indigenous communities to embrace gender and sexual diversity and people living with HIV/AIDS as indigenist acts supporting decolonization. This paper will examine the case of Native American AIDS organizers in the United States and Canada, who documented their work in print and video media that promote decolonization of health, gender, and sexuality. The paper will illustrate how their work informs hemispheric American and global accounts of Indigenous gender and sexual politics and AIDS organizing.

Palavras-chaves: Indigenous, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Sexuality, Media, Activism

Autores: Scott, Morgensen (Queen's University, Canada / Kanada)


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