4651 - Contestatary Discourses to Globalised Cultural Productions from the Southern Cone

According to a vast majority of scholars, the neoliberal socio-economic system was adopted by countries such as Argentina and Chile as they transitioned into democracy, and has played a key role in a process of depoliticization in these societies, in harshening their labor conditions and in keeping the working class discourse virtually silent. Post Dictatorship societies of the Southern Cone seem to be succumbing to a transnational and globalized socioeconomic and cultural project that has dismantled these societies’ own class awareness and has quite often led to their voluntary insertion into the same power mechanisms that subject them. Through the study of Chilean author Diamela Eltit’s Mano de obra (2002) and Argentine Rodolfo Fogwill’s En otro orden de cosas (2001) I will explore to what degree contemporary narratives of post dictatorship societies in the Southern Cone resist the effects of this global and consumer-oriented era under a political pact of democratic transition via historical amnesia . I will combine the study of concepts such as discourse and writing with the concept of consumerism in order to examine different discursive strategies employed in the novels (more specifically, how the study of paratextual mechanisms not only incorporate the working class historical discourse but also function as a counter discourse to the working class’s internalization of the capitalist logics in Eltit’s work; and metafictional reflections on cultural production and politics in a globalized era in Fogwill’s novel). Both novels ultimately succeed in making the reader “an aware collaborator, not a passive consumer” to use Linda Hutcheon’s words (“Postmodern Paratextuality and History,” 308) and, therefore, in contesting market-oriented cultural practices.

Keywords: discursive strategies, working class discourse, globalisation, criticism of cultural production, post dictatorship societies

Author: Colomina-Garrigos, Lola (College of Charleston, Ud States of Am / USA)


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