10060 - Performance Ritual in the Diaspora

Artists of the Cuban Diaspora are coping with the effects of displacement from their home culture, with the challenges of managing integration into a new society, and with the psychological disruption that attends this process. This presentation will briefly review the theoretical basis of the impact of displacement and the use of Performance Art rituals by individuals and community-groups as a useful intervention technique to assist in the management of displacement and the development of effective new practices for fostering integration into new and unfamiliar cultural milieus.

This presentation will outline the basic activities template for engaging individuals and groups into a Performance Art ritual intervention. The acceptability and effectiveness of ritual performance rests substantially on paying attention to the artistic creative process and giving great care to specific cultural tailoring of the performance activities and elements (movement, dance, music, song, setting, costume, etc). This presentation will describe examples of appropriate cultural tailoring of these constituent elements and suggest how to derive culturally relevant elements for integration into a ritual. Active engagement in the learning process is a central touchstone of good pedagogy to ensure that learners are invested in the acquisition of new knowledge and technique and that practice reinforces learning. In keeping with this principle this presentation will engage session-participants in the development of a culturally tailored ritual.

Keywords: Displacement, Performance Art, ritual performance, Cuban Diaspora

Author: Morejón, Jorge Luis (The University of the West Indies, Trinidad&To / Trinidad&To)


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