2166 - In De Nada You are Welcome: The Intra-National Musical World of De-genre-ate Kevin Johansen.

Born of an Argentine mother in Fairbanks, Alaska, Kevin Johansen has spent his life shuttling between two hemispheric extremes. Refusing to buy exclusively into the language or typical styles of either of the two immigrant countries he has called home, Johansen is a linguistic and stylistic renegade, a self-proclaimed “de- genre -ate,” whose work deconstructs the cultural boundaries so carefully imagined and projected by each society. With his band The Nada , Johansen collapses the dialectical “Them vs. Us” division separating Latino music and Anglo music, and creates an ambiguous intercultural dialogue space full of possibility and promise. The conscientious bilingualism and stylistic nomadism of Johansen’s music engenders a new space where all the culturally curious are welcome, and where the question of identity is rendered obsolete. His work is an appellation and an invitation to enajenaos , anyone who doesn’t feel at home in just one culture but is comfortable in a playfully ambiguous world—the Nada —where labels don’t matter.

Keywords: popular music, intercultural, space, intranational

Author: Favoretto, Mara (University of Melbourne, Australia / Australien)


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