10272 - The Curatorial Process of CAFÉ: The Journeys of Artists and Writers of the Cuban Diaspora

The purpose of this talk is to present the curatorial process behind CAFÉ the Journeys of Writers and Artists of the Cuban Diaspora. CAFÉ is a cultural event about the Cuban Diaspora that features lectures, curator’s talk, panel discussions, films, poetry reading, and a multimedia itinerant exhibition that highlights a wide range of artists working with installation, performance art, photography and sculpture. Participating artists are Cuban born and Cuban born abroad.

CAFÉ offers an alternative space to investigate the visual culture, and the cultural memory of the Cuban Diaspora as articulated in the works of writers, artists, and performers doing their works in different countries.

CAFÉ focuses on the cultural meaning of the work of art, and its main objective is to investigate how writers, dancers or visual artists deal with issues of displacement and dislocation, and how they weave together cultural elements from both their original and their host countries, thus contributing to the debate of a transnational Cuban subjectivity.

Keywords: Curatorial Work, CAFE, Cuban Diaspora, Visual Artists

Author: Soto, Leandro (none, Barbados / Barbados)


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