6941 - The Grupo CoMteMpu's and their Dança Frouxa: (re)looking at deconstructive thinking-doing in Dance

Results of Master Dissertation of the autor in the Performing Arts Post-Graduate Program of UFBA (PPGAC/UFBA). This is an investigation of deconstructive perspective, its occurrence and application in Dance, using as field of observation the Grupo CoMteMpu’s – Linguagens do Corpo, created in 2005 by the author together with other dance artists from Salvador, Bahia. Its principal methodological strategy is the Pesquisa - ação (“research-action”), following the work of Michel Thiollent, and the author is one of the subjects of the research. It is an interdisciplinary and qualitative study that crosses the field of performing arts, especially dance, with philosophy and cultural studies. The theoretical foundation is based principally on the deconstructivist perspective of Jacques Derrida, linked with other authors and scholars in contemporaneity, dance, body, culture, and aesthetics, such as: Stuart Hall, Henri-Pierre Jeudy, Eliana Rodrigues Silva, Laurence Louppe, Paulo César Duque-Estrada, Homi Bhabha, Luige Pareyson, among others. It raises the issue that dance is still read as a process of (re)production and preservation of aesthetic models that remit a mechanic idea of the body that reaffirms the thinking-doing logic. The hypothesis of the thesis presents the deconstruction as a continuous movement of afrouxamento (can be translated as “loosely” or “to play”) of thinking-doing in dance as a post-colonial posture, evidenced by the rise of a choreographic organization without a priori canons and of a field in a artistic-political-routine ready state: the Dança Frouxa (“Loosing Dance”) and the Corpo Zeza (“Zeza Body”) – perspectives encountered in the artistic purposes of Grupo CoMteMpu’s. T he proposal presents intersections among cultural studies, performance art and dance with the objective of contributing to an approach of critical and multifaceted aesthetics thinking-doing in Brasil.

Palabras claves: Dance, Deconstruction, Creative Process in Dance, Dança Frouxa, Grupo CoMteMpu's.

Autores: Andrade, Sérgio (PUC-Rio, Brazil / Brasilien)


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