12053 - A Portrait of the Hispanic Community in Warren County, Kentucky

Both Warren county and the state of Kentucky in the United States have seen a significant change in the demographic profile going from an almost imperceptible percentage of Hispanics 20 years ago to an ever increasing number that just in 6 years has grown 42.3% in the county and a comparable number in the state. However, although the Hispanic population is calculated to represent about 15% of the total population in the county, it represents only 2% of the student body at Western Kentucky University (WKU).

This presentation shares the findings of research conducted in a special project by my Honors’ Spanish students at WKU. They participated in the development of the questionnaires and sampled 200 students between the ages of 12 and 19 in the middle and high schools in the county. The objective in the near future is to help the Hispanic community in this area to overcome the barriers that are keeping them from having access to higher education. Therefore, this research project provides a comprehensive portrait of the target community in this area and their needs.

The results of this study allow us to better understand the Hispanic community as well as reveal the importance of building partnerships with different groups within and outside WKU. This type of investigation helps build bridges between the university and the community and provides educational opportunities for our own students by doing the research and for the immigrant Hispanic community by finding out ways to improve the possibilities of their access to higher education.

Author: Lenk, Sonia ( , Other / Andere)


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