6718 - Tumucumaque (Tumuc-Humac) bridging before dividing: Wayana of the Guiana Highlands

In 1769, Claude Tony witnessed in the eastern Guiana Highlands a complex socio-political society with regional elements of organization. Twentieth century anthropological studies, however, described the indigenous people of Guiana by and large as residing in autonomous villages. During my in-depth multi-disciplinary research among the Wayana of French Guiana and Suriname, I recognized how an apparent self-sufficient community, at times, can become integrated in a socio-political organization with integrated regional elements. Fundamental is the understanding on how it is that twentieth century Wayana ethnographies diverge from Tony’s eighteenth century account. A deep historical dialogue is needed to further our understanding of the socio-politics of indigenous communities in the Guiana Highlands ... beyond the boundaries of a single village representing the entire community.

Keywords: Guiana, sociality, cross-disciplinary, multi-scalar, relationality

Author: Duin, Renzo (Leiden University, Netherlands / Niederlande)


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