8987 - The reflection of western ideas about the Apalai and Wayana through ethnographic collections

Abstract Very often first notices about remote living indigenous people reached the consciousness of western societies not only through reports of traveling and scientific publications but also through collections of ethnographic objects. The creation of ethnographic collections is always based on the collectors concepts of otherness. Once the objects reached the western societies they became very often preserved at museums and displayed in exhibitions these ethnographic collections and started on their part to shape the western ideas about the otherness of the people which produced and used them as every-day-things or ritual paraphernalia. Taking the Apalai and the Wayana as example, the paper aims to discuss western concepts of these indigenous people reflected trough ethnographic collections in comparison to aspects of their actual produced and used material culture.

Keywords: Apalai, Wayana, ethnographic collections, concepts of the other, material culture

Author: Hoffmann, Beatrix (Universität Potsdam, Germany / Deutschland)


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