9308 - Into the deep forest: Archaeology, Ethnology and Indigenous History in Amapá ¿ Northern Brazil

Recent research in the State of Amapá, Brazil, has brought to light new series of information on the presence of a distinguishing pottery style which appears all over the Guianese Shield, known as Koriabo. Although diagnostic features of ceramic shape and decoration support this classification, contextual information from different sites show a great variation on ceramic depositions. Fine-grained data from these sites offers possibilities of proposing local arrangements and at the same time discussing larger connections within the Guianese Shield. Ethnological data and current discussions on indigenous history for the region are also used aiming a dialogue with other academic and native knowledge.

Keywords: Guianas, Archaeology, Ethnology

Author: Petry Cabral, Mariana (Instituto de pesquisas científicas e Tecnológicas do Estado do Amapá - IEPA, Brazil / Brasilien)


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