914 - In dialogue with the other: the impact of the Cuban migration post-1959 in literature, art and film

18.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Coordenator 1: GARCIA-OBREGON, OMAR (QUEEN MARY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON , Mile End Road, LONDON, United Kingdom/Ver Königr)

This symposium will examine the many facets of the Cuban diaspora from an interdisciplinary perspective, beyond the bipolarity of pro and against revolution or inside and outside the island. This project will have at its core the close examination of cultural output ‘in dialogue with the other’, from 1959 onwards, particularly in literature, art and film. This symposium aims to examine the cultural impact of a large exodus both on the country left behind and in the new place of settlement.

This symposium focuses on some of the following research questions: What forms of movement have been used and how do these influence issues of identity? For example, many have been ‘re-labeled’ and ‘de-nationalized’ based on the port of exit (Mariel) or the method of displacement (rafters). How does the Cuban community establish its own identity beyond the scope of the revolution, particularly in large concentration areas such as Miami (amongst other cities)? How do different historical waves of migration affect the reception of Cubans in the US (and the Americas) and thus affect the immediate impact on their receiving communities? How do Cubans participate in the construction of a national identity as ‘a new birth’ abroad? What has been the cultural impact of a large Hispanic exodus on the local communities, both within Cuba and within the Americas? This symposium will examine these questions in offering new strategies for studying diasporic multicultural subjects beyond mere bicultural hyphenation.

This symposium shall pay particular attention to the manifestations of difference in the new arrivals (in relation to the established communities) to prove how a constant flux of migrants, particularly from the same nation, has an impact on regional affiliations, cultural dialogues and in constructing and deconstructing national and transnational identities, particularly in second and third generation subjects. This symposium will reexamine discourses of Cubanness and the extended migration of Cubans to the US and other countries, through the arts.


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