4639 - Tercer Sonido: Listening to Solanas and Getino's Oven

The theory of Third Cinema has avoided the aesthetics of sound. Although unfair this allows me to motivate the concerns of my paper which are essentially two. First, through a textual analysis of the opening sequence of the much discussed La Hora des los ornos I show that the soundscape generated there is very deliberately and carefully organized to set in tension noise, music and voice. Second, through a reading of texts that seek to think through the series—sound, affect, immanence—I establish not simply that sound is crucial to the politics of tercer cine, but in being so, it discloses that the now much debated relation between Hegel and Spinoza as progenitors of Marx is active within the politics of so called Third World Cinema, not thematically, but formally. In this, the paper contributes to the topic of the symposium by probing directly the nature of the “modification” the adjective “aesthetic” effects upon the noun “regime” as this modification takes place within the domain of the cinema in Latin America.

Palavras-chaves: Sound, Third Cinema, Marxism

Autores: Mowitt, John (University of Minnesota, Ud States of Am / USA)


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