9215 - A mímesis corpórea como ponto de partida para a aplicação do conceito de memória na pesquisa do Grupo Matula Teatro

T Matula's research group in its first five years was greatly influenced by mimesis corporea, systematic methodology-LUME Interdisciplinary Center for Theatrical Research, UNICAMP. Since its inception, Matula actors have always had as a starting point for his artistic creation observation and coding of arrays and vocal body of people everyday and images watertight. For the development of characters, it was necessary to connect the actors with the social realities that often at the margins of society. This approach has always gone through testimonials, confessions and stories that were most often associated with images of memories. Many of the stories collected and made these events because of this were loaded with emotions and feelings. During this work to seize arrays that could detect any object that was chosen by the actors correspond to personal memories and that they were necessarily connected to our origins. The purpose of this lecture is to report the experience of this group and present the methodology in mimesis body as a way to trigger what we call 'body memory'.

Palavras-chaves: Mimesis Corpórea - Corpo memória - Matrizes

Autores: Melissa, Lopes (UNICAMP, Brazil / Brasilien)


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