11196 - Theatre of the oppressed: the experience of Santo André/SP.

This work intends to reflect about the experience of the Theatre of the Oppressed in Santo André City, São Paulo, having as a theorical methodological orientation the reflections of Antonio Gramsci. The implementation and trajectory of the Group of Theatre of Oppressed (GTO) are analyzed by an articulation between the historical determining of the strcuture and conjuncture which made that experience possible to be carried out. In this research, we objective study the methodological aspect from the Theatre of the Oppressed and the possibilities that may come up as a result of this process related to the stimulation of the criticiness, reflections and political actions of some groups, as well as the limits and possibilities of stimulating the socialization of the culture.

The categories ideology, hegemony, civil society and culture are directing this research and they are used based on that perspective, in which is defended that the possibility of a construction of a new societal order, directly connected with culture area, and this reproduction, straightly articulated to the economy production.

In this sense, we point out some limits of the use of Theatre of the Oppressed methodology in the Santo André experience, in the way of giving instruments, or not, to create conditions for a hegemony conquest. Its affirmed because of the link between the GTO experience and the city public administration, and the fact that in the objetives of this experience there isn’t any consideration about the struggles between social classes in capitalism.

Palavras-chaves: Culture, Theatre of the Oppressed, ideology, hegemony, political actions.

Autores: Bilate, Jana (UNIRIO, Brazil / Brasilien)


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