3022 - Art fomentig peace in practice in Brazil

Brazil is a country full of diversity. Diversity of arts, of cultures, of people, of accents and natural landscapes. It is also diverse in its social composition and availability of opportunities: while it is the country of the present, as it is stated in media nowadays, the home of the next World cup and Olympic Games, it is also a country which lacks sanitation and do not support basic needs for a parcel of its citizens. A country where opportunities are out of reach for many young people, specially those living in the peripheries of the big cities, where violence and drug traffic are very close to daily life. On the other hand, diversity also appears in the art manifestations adopted and practiced by these young people, as a way to make peace prevail over violence. Music, dance, capoeira, painting, theater, all these manifestations are practiced to open a space for opportunity, backed up by a social statement of political young beings which are actors living and making art to transform their place in a better and more peaceful community.

This research investigates exactly how this young people from peripheries of big cities, through art movements with a social background, are opening up space for opportunities, practicing peace and contributing for social transformation of their communities, dealing with conflicts and difficulties in a nonviolent way. Also to investigate how they, through their talent on arts, acknowledge and raise their voices beyond, where they used not to be heard, to show that they have opinion and that it matters, that there is also a history of peace being written where official discourse and media see only violence and poverty. Finally, to investigate how peace is being practiced through art by these young people in the country of the present, Brazil.

Palavras-chaves: Art, peace, practice, Brazil, young people

Autores: Facci, Paula Ditzel (none, Brazil / Brasilien)


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