511 - Between the sayable, the audible and the visible: modern aesthetic regimes in Latin America

20.07.2012 | 08:00 - 13:30

Convener 1: López, Silvia (Carleton College , Northfield, Ud States of Am / USA)

This symposium will explore critical moments in the history of Latin American modern artistic practices that shed light on the relationship between the sayable, the visible and audible. We are interested in exploring the different functioning of words, images and sounds at particular conjunctures of modern aesthetic regimes and in advancing a theoretical framework to understand their workings in the peripheral contexts of Spanish America and Brazil from an interdisciplinary perspective. If politics is a way of partitioning the sensible, the visible, and the sayable that allows only specific data to appear at a historical juncture, how does the aesthetic appear and what does it do at different historical moments? The symposium seeks to engage in a broadening of Rancière's contribution to the nexus aesthetic/politics by inviting contributions that engage not only literature, but also other aesthetic practices such as music, film and other media.

Keywords: modernity, aesthetic regimes, neo-avantgarde

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