4248 - The Pecked Cross symbol in Ancient Mesoamerica and Scania: Parallel concepts

The so-called "pecked cross" or “sun wheels” have been recorded in different areas of the world. Usually consisting of two concentric circles centered on orthogonal axes, this cross design is found carved on rocks and in the floors of ceremonial buildings throughout Mesoamerica; but they have also been found in Scania with a possible similar meaning. Such a motif would ordinarily not evoke much comment, but here the figure is formed from many small, evenly spaced depressions so arranged as to hint at larger meanings. This symbol has been explained as an astronomical device, calendar and for ritual purposes. This is consistent with the cosmological belief and possible function of this symbol in two different parts of the world.

Keywords: Key words: Pecked cross, sun-wheels, Mesoamerica, Scania, petroglyph.

Author: Caretta, M. Nicolás (UASLP, Mexico / Mexiko)


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