10137 - Pé na Estrada: Narratives on the road in Contemporary Brazilian Film

In the late 20 th century and 21 st century Brazilian film, one can observe a renovated interest in road narratives, in which the highway and the journey frequently acquire strong metaphorical and allegorical features, in the tradition of the road movie genre. A creative dialogue with previous cinematic eras and with global cinema can be noted in films such as Baile Perfumado , Central do Brasil , Árido Movie , Cinema Aspirinas e Urubus , O Céu de Suely and Viajo porque Preciso Volto porque te amo . In these films, Brazil's foundational tropes are revisited with different interpretative approaches, and the quality of production reveal the interest in reaching both a more demanding domestic audience and global markets. In addition, the growing interest for transnational perspectives and transcultural contacts in Brazilian fiction may be turning the encounter between the national and the foreigner into a new persistent trope in Brazilian film. Some examples include the experience of Brazilians abroad ( Terra Estrangeira , Deserto Feliz , Olhos Azuis ), and the encounter with the foreigner within Brazil ( Baile Perfumado , Cinema Aspirinas e Urubus), or on territorial borders ( Carmo - Hit the Road ). Therefore, this paper will look at the use of foundational tropes in contemporary Brazilian road travel films, and the possible dialogues between those films and other cinematic productions.

Keywords: Brazilian film, Retomada, Pós Retomada, Road movies

Author: da Silva, Carla (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ud States of Am / USA)


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