7943 - Subjectivity and Displacement in the Contemporary Brazilian Cinema

Jean Charles (2009) and Embarque Imediato (2009) are two recent Brazilian movies that thematize issues of immigration. The first one, a documentary produced in collaboration between Brazil and the United Kingdom, depicts the life of the Brazilian immigrant Jean Charles, killed at Stockwell Tube Station in London, in 2005. Embarque Imediato is a comedy that depicts the life of Wagner, a young man that dreams with immigrating to New York. This paper will explore the representation of the personal and social-cultural conditions that motivated the their desire to immigrate. The goal will be to discuss questions such as: How those movies represent the subjectivity of displaced subjects? How these movies present the relationship of displaced subjects with their national identity? What kind of symbolic changes are depicted in those movies in terms of assimilation and hybridization of cultural identities?

Keywords: Brazilian Cinema, Subjectivity, Diaspora

Author: Brasileiro, Marcus (Utah State University, Ud States of Am / USA)


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