10039 - CAFÉ: The Journeys of Artists and Writers of the Cuban Diaspora and the Transnational Debate

The experience of Cuban artists and writers of the Diaspora forms a historic cycle since the early part of the XIX Century that branches out to many host countries such as Spain, France, United States, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Mexico, England and Venezuela, to name just a few.

This long term displacement and dislocation have affected the notion of ¨cubanidad or cubanía¨ of the Diaspora, to the extent that some critics sustain the idea of a ¨Cuban transnation¨, expanding beyond the geographical boundaries of the island. Consequently, Cuban diasporic subjectivities have been shifting away, disengaging from a fixed identity ascribed only to the territoriality of a nation state.

To deal with this movable nation, displaced artists and writers unfold the narrative of a mythical island that occupies a significant space in the Diasporic Imaginary. Using the project: CAFÉ The Journeys of Artists and Writers of the Cuban Diaspora, (a series of art exhibitions and writer’s symposia focused in this topic), this paper will explore how visual artists, and writers deal with this space of the imagination and, in so doing, how they contribute to this trasnational debate by strengthening the notion of “Cubanidad” or “Cubanness” in the XXI Century.

Keywords: CAFE, Cuban Diaspora, Visual Artists, displacement

Author: Pujalá, Grisel (The University of the West Indies, Barbados / Barbados)


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