9335 - 'Setting the Tent Against the House': Cuban Diasporic Identity Formation in a Post-national Context

This paper will explore the translocal and integrative nature of diasporic identity formation in a transnational/post-national context, with special focus on Cuban Americans. In the process, it will take into account this diaspora’s multifarious cultural expressions, and its myriad of discrepant historical and political accounts and divergent articulations and renderings of the real and the symbolic island, which reflect diasporic Cubans’ sometimes antithetical ideological and social positions as well as their diverse cultural perspectives. This study positions itself against the impulse to locate Cuba solely according to geographical coordinates, and rejects the correspondent, essentialist discourses that propose a closed or static definition of nationhood or national and cultural affiliation. In the same vein, it consciously avoids the paradigms of border, periphery and boundary and, rather, emphasizes the intersectional sites at which presencing begins within an historical context that hearkens back to the first colonial interventions. In this manner, my approach tends toward a poetics of indeterminacy and paradox at the same time that it acknowledges the significance of the situational and contextual, of place, historicity, and locality.

Keywords: Poetics of indeterminacy, Cuban culture, Cuban Americans, Diasporic Identity

Author: O'Reilly Herrera, Andrea (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Ud States of Am / USA)


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